How does it work?

After you register to AppsBeacon you can add your app in the console with just a link to the app on the store, our automatic generator then scans the store link and retrieve all the needed information such as app name, app icon, description, rating and more and create the app entry with automatic banners to the app using the MMA standard ad size. Your app is then assigned a unique identifier, that identifier is used in combination with our SDK to show app's banners in your app which makes your credits.

The credits your app have earned will be used to show your app banners in other developers app, You can track the credits your app earns in our web console as well as see reports and data such as impressions and clicks your app's banner receive on other apps so you can measure the effectiveness of AppsBeacon

AppsBeacon uses the standard 20% margin of the impressions exchanged on the platform for the benefit of providing you with this free service.

Design that fits

AppsBeacon automatic banners and assets generation is made to match the app store that your app is located on so you get a beautiful natural look that match the app store general look and feel, so when your users see the banner and want to click on it they know their clicking on an app to download thus making the download intent much more powerfull.

The banners assets are automatically selected to fit the screen of the device your app is currently running on, in addition to our automatic banners generation you can have several banners campaign associated with your app so you can use our analytics and see which generates better conversion rate for you.

About us

AppsBeacon was founded in 2013 by apps developers and for apps developers, we are fast and efficient.

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